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kind words from my couples:

"Samantha was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were so happy she was willing to travel to our Southeast PA wedding! I really wanted to keep our wedding low stress and Samantha was perfectly able to tune into the important aspects of our day without getting tied up in the non essentials. She suggested we do some sunset pictures which turned out awesome and this was a great time for us to enjoy some time together on our own. Her turn around time on pictures was outstanding and we are so glad to have such high quality pictures to remember our wedding day by for years to come!"

– frank & elizabeth

I truly don't think I will ever find words that will do justice for just how incredible Samantha was. Let me begin by saying from our first phone call I knew she was perfection. She calmed me down and made me feel comfortable and reassured. Visiting my venue and planning for my special day together was incredibly pleasant, and BY FAR my favorite part of ANY wedding planning that I did. On the day of the wedding Samantha was early, her assistant was lovely, and she was vital for me. Our pictures all came out beautiful, and will be treasured for forever. Samantha is more for me and my husband than just that though. I have to tell a story, and I need to describe certain aspects in great detail so you can understand the depth and impact Samantha had. My morning was hectic (an understatement), and I was fragile. All of the planning and everything leading up to the wedding created the perfect storm and that morning was loaded. When Samantha arrived she shared a warm understanding smile and hug that brought me peace. She helped the girls with getting ready, last minute safety pins and tape etc. She helped to keep everyone on track, and patient. When it came time to put my dress on, we were running behind. I was rushing around and rushed into the room where the dress was. I was so stressed and late I had to put my dress on alone. Except I wasn't alone, I had Samantha. I began to temble putting my dress on, wishing it was everything like the movies where your girls help you step into it and it's some fairy tail, except it wasn't. Samantha spoke kindly, the true support and comfort she shared made it very special, and brought me peace yet again. That moment set my heart for the entire rest of the day. 5 weeks later after the wedding when we received our gallery, I clicked onto a picture that struck instant tears. The picture was of me putting my dress on. It is a bright and beautiful picture. It makes me feel fantastic about myself, it makes me feel like a "bride". That single special moment with Samantha carries so much weight and importance in my heart, that words trying to explain it may never do it true justice. If I could go back, I wouldn't change a single thing about how putting my dress on went. This image is true to the moment. It brings me immense joy when remembering putting on my dress. I will cherish it for forever. Samantha is an incredible photographer, her work and skills are spectacular. She is also a gift. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially mine. I will always treasure her love, kindness,

- Cheyenne & Corey

- Cheyenne & Corey

- cheyenne & Corey

"Samantha is hands down the best! The entire process from start to finish was so easy. we Definitely didn't have to stress about booking with her. She arrived that day on time and was out of the way the entire time, you wouldn't even have known she was there. She also is pro at tying bow's, and made the bow from my sash look picture perfect! We also had a little mishap with a bridesmaid dress and She saved the day with her safety pins in her bag of supplies for anything that may arise that day. Samantha is very professional, comfortable to work with, uses her time wisely and has a great turn around time! She captured many details as well as many great moments that day. We definitely have many great photos to enjoy for the rest of our lives and we have Samantha to thank!

– brad & valerie

"I don't believe I could ever forget my wedding day! It was a moment in time that stood still in our eyes. And to make that moment last forever, we had Samantha. She did an Amazing job with our photos in the time that we had. The moments she captured between us and all of our guest was remarkable. Her eye for photography has defiantly served her well and still does. Her work is wonderful and she makes you feel so special with each photo taken."

– steven & natasha

"Samantha was an absolute dream to work with for our engagement shoot! She was personable, fun, and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined."

- Ciera


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