Mike + Emily – A Proposal Story | Lacawac Sanctuary – Lake Ariel, PA

March 10, 2020

Meet Mike + Emily! If you have already seen my Facebook and Instagram then you already know who they are and a little bit of their story. I wanted to share more with you all because this was such a sweet proposal to photograph.

Mike and I started at his house where I picked him up so Emily wouldn’t recognize his car once she arrived to the Lacawac Sanctuary. We were almost ready to walk out the door when I asked if he had remembered the ring, he didn’t. He was so excited and nervous he left her ring sitting on the counter. It at least gave us a good laugh!

We arrived at the Lacawac Sanctuary and wandered to the lake to the spot Mike had picked out, a sweet little dock. It was perfect. Mike and I ran through all of the possible scenarios that could take place once Emily arrived and decided to warm up in the car until we got the text from Emily’s cousin, Lindsay, that they were close. Not 30 seconds after we sat down, the text came through. It was time!

What happened next was perfect in every way. Mike faced towards the lake with the puppy keeping warm under his coat until Emily got close enough. The rest is history. She said Yes! Mike had Emily’s ring custom made, complete with Sapphire’s from a pendant that was her Grandmothers. (If you scroll down I will point out the photos where Mike is explaining all of that to her, her reaction was perfect.)


Congratulations Mike + Emily, I wish you all the best and a long happy happy life together!


This is where Mike tells Emily about the Sapphires in her ring and where they came from. One of my favorite moment’s from their story!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I’m over here ugly crying😭❤️

  2. Patty Gager says:

    Love the looks on her face!! These pictures are priceless!! May they have a very happy life together ❤